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Ecuador is one of hidden gems of South America.  Still situated gently off of the major tourism path of the rest of the continent, Ecuador bristles with a sense of adventure.  Along the coast there is the opportunity to surf some great waves, engage in the wild party scene or simply lay back and relax on the beach.  In the highlands towns like Mindo and Banos de Agua Santa push visitors to their extremes in their participation in rafting, cayoning, ziplining, and so much more.  The jungle of Ecuador too should not be missed.  It is as easy to access as any bit of the Amazon basis and bursts to life via both the wildlife and the culture of the indigenous people.  One cannot forget about the cities either.  Quito and Cuenca are the most storied historical centers in the country and both glisten in brilliant colonial architecture.  After a couple weeks in Ecuador you’ll be hard pressed to figure out why this country still remains under visited by tourists.  The country of Ecuador has something to offer just about all types of travellers, but it is the adventure junkies that will be especially pleased with this diverse country.

Highlights: Banos de Agua Santa, Quilatoa, The Amazon Basin
Time Needed: 2 weeks to 2 months
Budget: 30-45 US$ a day


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