Eastern Europe Travel and Photography Guides

I’ve grown a fairly substantial love for Eastern Europe.  It’s history is fascinating, and it is so interesting to see the pull it seems to feel between Russia and the West, well maintaining its own identity.  And then beyond the human geography of Eastern Europe, the physical geography is nearly as interesting.  There are some spectacular landscapes and ecological zones in the region, and more wildlife that in other parts of Europe, too.  And, of course, there are some incredible cities.  The region is quickly becoming a favourite for backpackers, and cities like Budapest are also becoming some of the most popular destinations in all of Europe.  If you’re investing in the tourism future of Europe, I think it’s a safe bet to place a chunk of that in the east.

The city and destinations guides can be found within the links of the specific countries below.

  • Albania (Coming Soon)Eastern Europe Map
  • Belarus (Coming Soon)
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (Coming Soon)
  • Bulgaria (Coming Soon)
  • Croatia (Coming Soon)
  • Czech Republic (Coming Soon)
  • Greece (Coming Soon)
  • Hungary
  • Kosovo (Coming Soon)
  • Macedonia (Coming Soon)
  • Moldova (Coming Soon)
  • Montenegro
  • Poland (Coming Soon)
  • Romania (Coming Soon)
  • Serbia (Coming Soon)
  • Slovakia (Coming Soon)
  • Slovenia (Coming Soon)
  • Ukraine (Coming Soon)

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