Montenegro Travel and Photography Guides

Montenegro might be the most underrated destination in Europe.  However, that’s soon to change.  The country’s tourism industry is poised for an explosion in the same way Croatia’s did a couple years ago.  The bay of Kotor, in particular is one of those places that can’t be kept a secret much longer.  It won’t be long before Montenegro goes from being a destination off the beaten path in the Balkans, to a member of every traveller’s bucket list.

Below are some guides from various destinations in Montenegro.  These were’ built in a way to be 100% inclusive and extensive. Rather, they are drawn from my experiences travelling the country.  If you have had other experiences in Montenegro, you are more than welcome to contribute them in the comments sections.

Kotor Drone Photo

The island church from the drone.

  • Budva (Coming Soon)
  • Kotor
  • Podgorica (Coming Soon)
  • Sveti Stefan (Coming Soon)

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