Northern Europe Travel and Photography Guides

Northern Europe is a region that is just full of opportunities.  You have an abundance of natural wonder, some interesting cities, wildlife, and wide open spaces.  The region has long been deemed fairly “expensive” from a travel standpoint.  But, the truth is that there are plenty of places that you can visit in the north of Europe that won’t stretch your budget, and still offer you fantastic insight and experiences in the region.  Whether you come up to Northern Europe to chase northern lights in the winter, or the never-ending sunsets of the summer, this region has a lot to offer nature lovers, especially.  But those looking for urban experiences will find them in the exciting cities of Tallinn, Riga, and others.

There are specific destination guides within the countries listed below:

  • Denmark (Coming soon)Map of Northern Europe
  • Estonia (Coming soon)
  • Finland (Coming soon)
  • Latvia (Coming soon)
  • Lithuania (Coming soon)
  • Norway (Coming soon)
  • Iceland (Coming soon)
  • Sweden (Coming soon)

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