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For years The United States has fought the stigma as the big bad wolf. In many ways, this stigma dissuaded many foreigners from travelling to the country. Beyond that struggle, the common worry that travelling America will cost an arm and a leg is very prevalent. However, despite the worry of many travellers, America is just too great a travel destination to be ignored, and it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. The United States might be one of the most blessed countries in the world when it comes to natural sites; the Canyons of Utah and Arizona, the Pacific Coast, Hawaii, the Florida Everglades and of course the Rocky Mountains are all wondrous natural sites. Moreover, one could easily get lost in the urban jungles as well. Great cities like New York City, New Orleans, Miami, Las Vegas and Chicago can easily have you exploring for weeks.

It’s hard to imagine that a country like the United States could be “under-travelled,” however outside of the major destinations it really is. Hidden gems like White Sands, Havasu Canyon, Austin, and the Carolina Coast remain largely untouched by foreigners.  Moreover, there are far too many people who see the US as an expensive destination.  And well, sure, if you’re booking the top hotels in New York you’re going to spend some money, you can also always find budget options in America too.

As a whole, there are few countries in the world that have as much to offer the traveller as the United States. Forget the stigmas of travelling America and just do it.

As usually these guides are not facts carved in stone, but rather “guides” things change over time: hotels shut down, restaurants disappear and good activities pop up. If you spot something in your travels that doesn’t correlate with these guides please let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section of that particular destination.

Quick Information

  • Backpacker’s Budget: Between $50-65 a day
  • Best off the Beaten Path Destination: Havasu Canyon
  • Best Time off Year to Visit: April-June and September-November
  • Best Adventure: Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah

United States Travel Guides

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