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It’s not all too hard to understand why Paraguay is so lost to the travel world.  It is a landlocked country hidden between the wondors of Brazil, the charm of Argentina and the rawness of Bolivia.  Moreover, Paraguay lacks the major attraction that makes other countries in the region must visits.  Brazil has Rio and Iguazu Falls, Argentina has Iguazu as well as Patagonia and Buenos Aires, Bolivia has the salt flats and Paraguay has well, a vast interior that is rough and largely unexplored.

However, don’t let the fact that very few other tourists more than graze Paraguay dissuade you from visiting.  The country, although small and under-travelled, has its fair share of rewards for those who are willing to step outside the box and into their explorer shoes.  Furthermore, you’ll be hard pressed to find a people in South America that are more proud of their country than are Paraguayans.  From the charming city of Asuncion to the jagged peaks of the edge of the Pantanal all the way to the vast plains of the Chaco the one thing you’ll always find is a people excited to greet you and more excited to brag about their country.  Although it may be easy to do, don’t forget about Paraguay as a part of your South American Travel Plans.



Highlights: Itaipu Dam, Asuncion, Cerro Cora National Park
Budget: between 25-40 US$ a day. Higher if you’re planning on doing an excursion in the Chaco.
Language: Spanish and Guarani are most widely spoken. In the interior there is a lot of German spoken due to the presence of Mennonites.

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