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I doubt that there’s a more diverse travel experience than Peru.  The country is host to such a wide variety of possibilities that planning a trip to the Andean nation is almost a chore.  Being one of the most diverse countries in the world means that Peru has both rain forests and deserts, high altitude mountains and coast, European and Indigenous people, and basically everything in between.  Although Machu Picchu get the majority of the headlines there are over a thousand archaeological sites in the country ranging form places like Choquequirao in the highlands to the coastal adobe city of Chan Chan near Trujillo.  One could easily spend months in Peru and still only scratch the surface of the things there are to do or see.

Moreover, the history of Peru is perhaps as rich as anywhere in the world.  Peru is one of only a handful of places on earth where advanced civilization has formed, and although the people talk mostly about the Inca history the cultural lineage goes well beyond that point.  In fact, in comparison with the rest of the human history of Peru, the Inca were a mere blimp on the radar.

Peru will challenge you, it will thrill you, and it will almost certainly beg you to come back for years and years to come after you’ve gone.  There’s something mystical about Peru.  A sentiment that it provokes that makes you feel at one with the landscape, the people, and the history.

Budget: 35-45US$ a day
Time Needed: Minimum two weeks as much as two months


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