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When I finally departed from South America in December 2011 I left a little bit of my heart and soul behind on the continent. I spent over two and a half years exploring as much of the region as I could. I documented my travels not only through my travel articles and photos on but I also documented where I stayed, ate, and the activities I took part in via these travel guides. The travel guides that you will find below are not only guides, but a documentation of my travels. South America has a lot to offer, and even in two-plus years I couldn’t see it all nor could I experience it all. However, I think that you’ll agree that I got pretty close to experiencing it all.

As is often the case, places change and evolve over the years. Prices change, restaurants pop up and disappear, and good hotels sometimes become poor hotels. As such, please don’t think of the guides as a travel bible but rather a guideline. If you come across changes, new places you think should be added, or things you think should be removed please let me know and I will make the necessary adjustments to the guides. If you would like to contribute a guide of your own to somewhere not listed in the guides please send me a message via my contact page.

Happy travels, and enjoy South America.

South America

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