England Travel Guide for Backpackers

England isn’t cheap to travel.  However, that doesn’t seem to stop countless backpackers from visiting the country each year.  In fact, I might argue that the fact that England is expensive means that more people have to become backpackers to make it work.  That said, there are ways around some of the high costs in the country.  Some of those tips and tricks are included in the destinations guides below.

Of course, these travel guides for England are based on my experiences, not my long standing life in the country.  In sum, these are travel guides written by a traveller who spent only a slightly longer time in each destination than the average tourist.  Within each guide, feel free to use the comments to discuss your own experiences in England, and I’ll do my best to keep them up to date.

Map of England

Destination Guides for England

General Travel Information for England

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