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Photography Workshops by Brendan van Son

As a professional travel photographer with extensive experience as both an international tour leader and tour guide, it only made sense to start running photography workshops and tours on location.  These photo tours are not just a typical photography tour, done with a bunch of camera equipment.  Rather these trips will have an emphasis on improving your photography skills allowing participants to gain some on the ground experience, build some images for their portfolio, get an insight into the business of travel photography, and also see some amazing places.

I run 4 types of trips: exclusive (max 4 participants), photo tours (max 10 participants), clinics (weekend courses), and adventure trips.

Let my years of experience on the road guide you towards taking some amazing images in the featured destinations.

Click here for FAQs about my travel photography workshops and tours.

Click on the Destination for information pertaining that particular travel photography workshop.

Patagonia Photography Tour & Workshop (Sold Out – Waitlist Available)

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joined by Thomas Heaton for this photography workshop in Patagonia.  This particular workshop will focus primarily on nature and landscape photography. So, it made total sense to bring along one of the world’s most talented landscape photographers for the trip.  This trip will be not only a great opportunity to take photos, but to learn as a photographer, and to meet a great group of people as well.

Space is extremely limited on this trip.  For more info, click here.

Exclusive – Namibia Photography Tour – October 16-25, 2018

Namibia Photography Tour
I’ve been planning on returning to Namibia with a group of participants for a while.  And, now is the right time.  That said, I wanted to keep things intimate and launch one of my “Exclusive” photo trips.  These trips will be limited to 4 participants and have give those along for the ride a “real travel photographer’s experience”.  You’ll shoot, edit, scout, and learn right along side me.

Philippine Island Adventure & Photography Tour – Feb. 22 – March 4, 2018

Philippines Adventure Tour
As a part of my new “adventure” series of photography tours, I’ve arranged a trip to The Philippines.  This 12 adventure will focus on the islands of Palawan and Coron.  They are absolutely stunning.  This trip will spend a lot of time on Bangka Boats and

Iceland Photography Tour and Workshop (Planned for 2018)

Iceland Photography Tour

The location we get requested to run a photography tour to more than any other is Iceland.  And, for anyone who has ever been, they’ll know exactly why.  The country is absolutely stunning, and one of the most photogenic countries, in terms of natural environment, anywhere on the planet.  It’s just never-ending photo ops.

At the moment, I’m hoping to run a trip to Iceland again in 2018.  If interested, click here to sign up for updates regarding that trip.

Peru Travel Photography Tour & Workshop (planned for 2020)

Peru Travel Photography Workshop and Tour

I have run photography trips to Peru twice now.  I’m hoping to run again in 2020 if there’s interest. But, that will be interest-dependent.  If you’re interested,  click here to receive information when it becomes available.

Morocco Photography Workshop and Tour (Potentially in 2020)

Morocco photography workshop and tour

Click for information

Our 2016 travel photography workshop in Morocco went so well that we’re planning on going back in 2020. It’s such a photogenic county, and a wondrous place to travel. You just have such a brilliant variety of things to photograph in Morocco, that it’s almost hard not to take amazing photos. The highlights of our Morocco trip include: Chefchaouen, Fes, The Sahara, and much more!
For more information, click here.

Cuba Photography Workshop and Tour (Potentially 2020)

Cuba Travel Photography Tour and Workshop

If there’s interest, I’m hoping to run another photography tour in Cuba. But, this is interest-dependent.  So, to express interest, click here, and sign up for updates regarding Cuba.

Have Questions?

If you have questions regarding any of the workshops, please feel free to send me an email via my contact page.



  1. Hi, Brendan.
    I’m going to La Serena/Chile next month and I’d like to take a photophy tour.
    Do you know any agency or person to recommend me?

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    • For photo tours, no. I don’t Gisela. I used to work with an adventure tour company in town. Do you need a photography tour company? Or would any guide work for you?

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  2. Dear Brendan,

    We are excited about our upcoming Travel Insiders Summit – Secrets from the Experts.

    I love the focus of your blog & photography; what a great match for our summit!

    Do you do interviews?

    Let’s connect on this Wednesday.

    Thanks for your time.

    Leandra Almodovar

    Travel Insider’s Summit 2015


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  3. Hi Brendan,

    I love reading your blog and articles. Let us know if you have a travel plan to India or south Asia. We will love to join in your adventure.


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  4. Hi, Brendan!
    I’m looking for a photography tour middle of November 2015.
    Ideally Peru, but I’m open to other destinations.
    Might you have anything to recommend?


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    • Next month? Or did you mean 2016? I don’t know of any off hand for 2015 that are still open, but let me know if you meant 2016 and I can certainly try to help.

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  5. Hello!! i would love to join you for Peru trip or other trips in 2016.How can i get your newsletter?
    i would like to be be able to know of all your upcoming trips so i can plan in advance.
    Thanks much

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    • I’ll add you manually. You’ll just need to confirm the email.

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  6. Hi Brandon,
    I love your shots and I’m happy that people like you are doing travel photography workshops. People learn a lot from guys like you. My name’s Jan and I’m a young photographer based in Prague where I run Johnny’s Prague Photo Tours. Prague is a beautiful city with lots of shooting opportunities and Czech republic has a lot to offer photography-wise, too. If you would ever consider doing a travel photography workshop in Central Europe, go for Czech republic. It would be my pleasure to work with you and your clients here. Good luck with traveling and shooting 🙂 Best, Jan

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  7. Hi Brandon,

    I love your photos from Iceland. Will you be giving a workshop there in the future?

    Best regards,


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    • At some point, Allen. It’s not in the plans for 2016 or 2017, but there’s a good chance it’ll happen in 2018.

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  8. If Brendan gets to see this can I talk to him? I’m a photographer with question. Or If he could email. I have some questions for him.

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    • You’re welcome to email me at brendanvanson at

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  9. Dear Mr van son, Are you coming to Oman for Travel photography Workshop before July 2017 Please Reply Me
    Thanks and Regards

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    • I will not be back in Oman by then, I’m afraid. No.

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  10. Thank you Mr Van Son

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  11. Would there be a chance you could do a trip to Iceland in November 2017 at all?

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    • Not this year, November isn’t the best month for Iceland. It has the wildest weather.

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  12. Hi
    My name is Prosper, I love your shots and am also into travel and tour and into videography and photography. we bass in Ghana…. we do Photo and video Tours to friends who tour to Ghana. It would be peraz multimedia pleasure to work with people who want to tour to Ghana and need our serves. Good luck with tour to Ghana.

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