The vast majority of our photography tours can be taken part in by anyone of any fitness level.  However, there are the occasional trips that have a little bit of a physical activity element to them – whether that be hiking, or just walking to our photo location.

So, I’ve decided to put a bit of a grading list together so that you can have a look and decide if you can handle a particular trip.  But, also please note that you can get a hold of me at anytime to inquire on the physical nature of a trip.

A – Anyone (Nearly)

My photography tours with this grading are very easy.  Generally speaking, this means that there won’t be any significant hiking, or walking on uneven/steady ground. For the most part, these trips can be completed by just about anyone.

**Note: If you have a physical disability which reduces your mobility. Please get in touch via email (at brendanvanson at gmail dot com) and we can chat about how difficult a certain trip may be.  But, please note that we will also do our best to accommodate everyone.

B – Basically Anyone

Most of our trips fit in this category.

These trips involve some walking, but nothing extreme.  Some of our photo locations might be a short 15-30 minute walk on well established trails without any serious incline.  There may be times where the trails are a little bit uneven due to weather conditions. But, for the most part if you can walk a couple kilometers, you’ll be fine.

C – Could have some physical challenges

Some of our trips involve some longer walks or hikes.  They fall in this category.  

For example, while Ecuador is for the most part a very easy trip and most of the activity is without challenge, there is a long 2 hour (5km) walk – some of which is on uneven ground.  Other trips listed in this grading – such as Patagonia – are here because there some hikes of about an hour that have significant elevation gain (such as 500m).

If you’re of average physical fitness, you’ll be fine here.

D – Definitely some physical challenges

Especially on our adventure series, there are some trips that involve long hikes, or less than comfortable living conditions.  A good example of a D grade trip is Georgia which involves some camping, and multiple days where we hike at least 2 hours.

You should be physically fit for trips in this grading.  

E – Extreme physical challenges

Rarely, I operate photography trips that are definitely more on the extreme side of things.  For example, we have a trip that does the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.  That is definitely an extreme trip.  Most days include 15-22km of hiking – some at extreme altitude.

And while I won’t say that you need to be in peak physical conditions to do it (I did it, after all), you should at least be trained and ready for the challenge.

** What about listing that have 2 grades?

These are trips that have options for more challenging physical activities, but aren’t required.  It essentially means that if there’s ever a challenging aspect, you’ll have the option to do something less demanding instead.  Thus an A/E grading means that for the most part it’s easy. But, there’s an option for something like an extreme  hike.  Or, a C/A listing means that for the most part, there is going to be a steady dose of walks, and some smaller hikes. But, if you’re uncomfortable with them, we can adjust and find something else for you.

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