Greenland Photography Hiking Adventure

Greenland has always been on my list of adventures.  So when I heard of the Arctic Circle Trail, I knew this was a photography trip I wanted to organize.  In August/September 2022, I’ll be leading a photography hiking adventure along the Arctic Circle trail from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut, Greenland.  Then, we’ll catch a scenic ferry ride to the beauty town of Nuuk.

Who’s coming along for the adventure?

Dates: August 24, 2022 – September 6, 2022
Start City: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
End City: Nuuk, Greenland
Fitness Difficulty: E
Tour Type: Adventure
Price: €3490 (€700 Deposit)

How We’ll Hike the Trail

This is a locally-guided self-sufficient hike.  Thus, we’ll be packing all our camera gear, clothing, and food along the way. 

Our local guiding company will be supplying the cooking equipment, camping gear, and locally sourced foods.  They are absolute pros, and Greenland experts.

We’ll spend 9 days hiking.  Most days we’ll hike about 20km.  However, there isn’t much in terms of incline.  On most days, we’ll be neutral with climbs of about 350m and descents of about the same.

We will be wild camping within the glory of Greenland’s remote landscape.

The Itinerary

Normally I don’t keep a strictly set itinerary.  But, with a hiking adventure tour in which we have a scenic ferry to catch at the end, we’ll be sticking to a fairly strict schedule on this one.  That’s not to say there might be slight modifications along the way, but for the most part we’ll need to stick to our timings.

Day 1 – Arrival in Kangerlussuaq (hotel stay)
Day 2 – Visit to the Ice Cap, and prep for hike (hotel stay)
Day 3 – Hiking to Hundeso (20km – 505m climb and 335m decline)
Day 4 – Hiking to Katiffik (20km – 370m climb and 420m decline)
Day 5 – Hiking to the Canoe Center (20km – 150m climb and 150m decline)
Day 6 – Hiking to Ikkattooq (22km – 550m climb and 350m decline)
Day 7 – Hiking to Eqalugaarniarfik (11km – 260m climb and 450m decline)
Day 8 – Hiking to Innajuattoq (19km – 550m climb and 380m decline)
Day 9 – Hiking to Nerumaq (16km – 250 climb and 400 decline)
Day 10 – Hiking to Kangerluarsuk Tulleq (17km – 180 climb and 205 decline)
Day 11 – Hiking to Sisimiut (20km – 500 climb and 625m decline) (hotel stay)
Day 12 – Overnight scenic ferry to Nuuk
Day 13 – Photography in Nuuk (hotel stay)
Day 14 – Departures from Nuuk

We picked the dates in late August / early September for very good reason.  Mosquitoes can be a problem up until about early/mid-August.  Moreover, in late August fall colours are already at their peak on the Arctic Circle Trail.  Photographically, it will be unbelievably beautiful.

Nuuk, Greenland

Greenland Photography Tour Cost

If you want to join us on this hiking and photography tour to Greenland, please read the following information below to see what’s included in the price, and what isn’t.  Greenland is extremely expensive. But, I think we’ve managed to find a nice balance with comfort, adventure, and local knowledge.  

What’s Included

  • 3 meals a day while hiking plus snacks.
  • Cooking equipment while hiking
  • Hotels in Kangerlussuaq, Sisimiut and Nuuk
  • Scenic Ferry from Sisimiut to Nuuk
  • Photography Instruction by Brendan van Son
  • Video and Assistant Services by Greg Snell
  • Local Guides
  • Emergency Communication Equipment
  • Camping Equipment – tents, sleeping bags, mats, etc.
  • All hiking and photography permits

What’s Not Included

  • Transport to/from Greenland
    • Round Trip Flights from Denmark generally around €500.
  • Meals while in Kangerlussuaq, Sisimiut and Nuuk
Arctic Fox in Greenland

Ready to Book?

If you’re ready to book, please click the button below to pay the deposit.  Final payments will be due 90 days before the tour starts.  For full payment terms and conditions please visit this page.


If you have any questions about this tour, please feel free to shoot me an email to brendanvanson at gmail dot com.  I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Can’t Join this One?

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