Japan Photography Workshop

For me, Japan is where my love for travel all began. I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment. Japan is the sort of country that tugs at the heartstrings. So I’m extremely excited to announce that we’ll now be offering a Japan photography workshop to our destinations in 2022!

The first of these tours will be run by myself and the ultra-talented street photographer Joe Allam. Details below.

Costs / Info

  • Dates: (cancelled due to ongoing pandemic)
  • Start / End City: Tokyo, Japan
  • Days / Nights:
  • Price: €4,295
    • Optional Single Supplement: €1,400

What’s Included

  • Transport within Tour Dates
  • Accommodation within Tour Dates
  • Breakfast on Tour Dates
  • Local Entrance Fees
  • Photography Instruction by Brendan van Son and Joe Allam

What’s Not Included

  • Transport to/from Japan
  • Airport transfers (can be arranged)
  • Visas for Japan (if needed)
  • Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.

The Workshop Itinerary

As is the case with many of my trips, the Japan photography workshop has a pretty fluid nature attached to some solid structure. On a day-to-day basis we make location decisions based on the conditions. We have plenty of room for improvisation and spontaneity. But, we do follow a rigid overall schedule. Therefore, let’s focus on the destination, rather than the actual photo locations.

Feb 17 – Arrive in Tokyo
Feb 18 – Full day in Tokyo
Feb 19 – Full day in Tokyo
Feb 20 – Full day in Tokyo
Feb 21 – Travel to Kyoto
Feb 22 – Full day in Kyoto
Feb 23 – Full day in Kyoto
Feb 24 – Day trip to Hijemi
Feb 25 – Travel to Fuji
Feb 26 – Full day in Fuji
Feb 27 – Travel back to Tokyo, tour ends.

Book Here:

**cancelled due to ongoing pandemic

Photos of Japan

Attached is a gallery of some of my favourite images taken in locations we’ll be visiting on this workshop in Japan. The focus of this tour will be finding a nice balance between some of the classic photography locations and some hidden gems.

Kyoto, Japan
When you wake up at 4am to go take pictures like this, there should be coffee.
Mount Fuji
Believe it or not, as this photo was exposing, I walked 50m to a vending machine to get a hot coffee.
Harajuku, Japan
So many people. So few bins.
Shibuya Crossing
The most chaotic street in Japan. Most are NOT like this.

Meet The Workshop Instructors

Brendan van Son

Brendan has been a professional travel photographer for over a decade. Over those years, he’s visited well over 100 countries and worked for some of the world’s most renowned companies and publications.

Joe Allam

One of the most popular street photographers on the planet, Joe’s work focuses primarily on Japan and surrounding countries.

He is a particular night street photography master, and a perfect teammate for this Japan photography workshop.

FAQs For the Japan Photography Workshop

What Style Trip is This?
I run a variety of workshops. This falls in the “classic category”. Find out the difference in my trips here.

Is the Deposit Refundable?
Yes. The deposit is refundable up to 90 days before the tour’s start date. I do charge a 10% fee. You also have the option to move your deposit onto another trip or to keep on file as credit without a fee.

What’s a Single Supplement?
If you’re booking solo, you’ll be paired up with a roommate of the same gender as the pricing is based on double occupancy. However, if you’d like your own private single accommodation you can pay the single supplement.

When are Final Payments Due?
We send a request for final payments about 180 days before the tour’s start date. Final payments are due 90 days before the tour’s start date.

What does the average day on tour look like?
These trips with Joe Allam are a little bit different than my usual trips. Joe is a bit of a night owl and has a heavy focus on night photography. I’m a bit of an early bird. So, we’ll have a bit of a flexible itinerary with lots of options available. As such, no two day is going to be the same. But it can kind of look like this:

530am: Sunrise Photo Shoot with Brendan
8am: Breakfast
9-11am: Workshops
noon-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Location Scouting, Street Photography with Brendan and Joe
3-6pm: Sunset Photography with Brendan and Joe
7-830pm: Dinner
8:30-1030pm: Night Photography with Joe

Obviously, most participants won’t be able to do everything (without exhausting themselves) so everything is optional.

Is There a Pandemic Policy?
As of now, we’re operating under the pretense that travel will go back to normal-ish in 2022. Therefore, there’s not much of a pandemic policy in place. However, we will obviously remain flexible and adjust accordingly moving forward.

Can’t Join Us?

If you can’t join us in Japan but would like information on future travel photography workshops around the world, please sign up to the newsletter below.

At the moment we have trips to places like Iceland, Patagonia, and Peru – among many other amazing photography destinations. We’d love for you to join us out in the world.

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