South Africa will forever be one of my favourite countries to travel.  It’s just such a beautiful, diverse country. And from a photography perspective there’s such a variety to the imagery here.  You have landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, and people.  I’m sure you could spend a lifetime in South Africa as a photographer and not get bored of all the places there are for photography here.  It’s endless.

In 2020, I’ll be leading my first ever South Africa photography tour.  It will be going down in October.

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Tell Us More!

This South Africa photo trip is going to be part retreat and part tour.  That means that essentially we won’t be moving around as much as on other trips.  We’ll have 2 separate bases and always return to them.

This will give us a lot of time to take pictures. But it will also mean that instead of stressing about changing locations and packing everyday we’ll also have time for classroom stuff.

The Itinerary

We’re still working on the general itinerary for the trip to South Africa. But, I think that it’ll essentially have 2 bases – one in Cape Town and one in or around Kruger National Park.

We’ll spend the first 5 days in Cape Town at a villa or accommodation running around to different landscape photography locations. 

Then, we’ll hop a flight across the country to the area of Kruger National Park where we’ll be doing a couple game drives each day and focusing on wildlife photography.  

It should mean a pretty good mix of styles of photography and lead to some incredible image.

Lion kill Kruger National Park

A big male lion with a zebra kill.

The Price?

At this point, we’re still in the planning stages.  As such, we still don’t have a firm cost.  A lot of the cost is going to depend on how much of a deal we can pull from the safari company and lodges in/around Kruger.  But, I’m assuming a cost of about $3900 for 10 days.  That price might drop if I can negotiate a deal at the lodges and game reserves, though.

When Can I Book?

I think this announcement will likely happen around October 2019.  However, the best thing to do is to sign up to the form below.  Those who do will get an email right away when a tour is announced.  As these trips usually sell out in about a day, by signing up you won’t risk missing anything.

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