Payment Terms and Conditions


Due to the current global health crisis, my terms have been amended until March 31st, 2022 to make them far more lenient.

The Deposit

The deposit for the trip is generally 15-20% of the trip price. That payment is required to hold your place on the tour.

In the case of participant cancellation, the following will occur:

  • If participant cancels at least 3 months before the tour date, a full refund (minus a 10% fee).
    • Special cases may exist where only a partial refund can be issued – for example, if there are flights required on the trip.
      • All participants will be made aware of this possibility, and have the option to withdraw their refund if needed.
  • If participant cancels within 90 of the tour start date they will forfeit their deposit


Full payment is required by 90 days before the trip start date.

In the case of a delayed payment:

  • Participants will risk forfeit losing their space if a wait list member pays in full first.
    • In that case, the participant’s deposit will be returned.
    • Before that happens, Brendan will make contact with the participant to work out a payment plan where possible or desired.

In the case of a cancellation after the full payment is made:

  • If canceled at least 3 months prior to the tour start date, full payment including the deposit (minus a 20% fee) will be refunded.
    • Unless there was an email sent to participants regarding partial refunds
  • If canceled within 89 days of the tour start date, no refund will be given.
    • A full refund (minus 20%) is possible if someone on the waiting list fills the vacated space.

Pandemic Related Terms

With the hope of being as flexible as possible, I do have some pandemic related terms which will hopefully allow participants a bit more leeway should something happen.

  • On cancellations within the “no cancellation period” of 90 days before the trip’s start date:
    • If the participant can no longer reasonably travel to the destination due to unexpected restrictions placed on their departing or country of citizenship, a deferral of payment will happen.  The participant will receive credit for any future Brendan van Son photography tour.
    • As a result of the pandemic. The participant should have travel insurance with Covid-related coverage.  If the participant cannot visit due to a positive test and/or an unexpected required quarantine, the participant should refer to their insurance coverage.
    • If the tour is postponed by Brendan van Son due to pandemic related restrictions, all participant payments will be moved to the following year’s trip, or a trip of the participant’s choosing.
    • If a trip is cancelled by Brendan van Son, the participant will receive a full refund within 90 days.

Booking Terms

In making a booking, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined on this page. The following terms must be followed by participants in order to join a tour or workshop with Brendan van Son:

  • Adequate travel insurance to cover travel-related cancellations – or a letter by the participant accepting responsibility for not having insurance.
  • Adequate camera gear insurance – or a letter by the participant accepting responsibility for not having insurance.
  • Follow all rules set forth by Brendan and other tour leaders regarding safety.
  • Follow all rules set forth by Brendan and other tour leaders regarding environmental hazards.
  • The participant must notify Brendan or other tour leaders of any extenuating health concerns.
  • The participant must notify Brendan and other tour leaders of any prescriptions in case of medical emergency. Note, this can come in the form of a sealed envelope, or another method to maintain privacy.

Right to Dismiss Participant

Brendan van Son and co-leaders retain the right to dismiss participants while on the tour if one of the following breaches of contact happens:

  • Verbally or physically abusive behaviour.
  • Consumption of illegal drugs.
  • Breaks local laws.
  • Refuses to follow rules put in place by tour leaders.
  • Dangerous behaviour which endangers participants or themselves.
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