Getting around Europe can get a little bit boring for the adventure traveller.  Let’s face it, many adventure travellers find Europe to be “too developed” in terms of the transportation network.  Moreover, the costs of making trips throughout Western Europe in particular can be extremely high to the budget traveller.  Thus, those with a bit of an adventurous heart seem to search out alternative ways to make what might seem like simple travel to the average traveller.

Calais France

Calais, France

On the popular travel route from France to the UK, most people simply take the tunnel by road or rail.  But if you’re looking for an alternative, I’ve listed some ways around the tunnel that are both cost efficient and adventurous.


Of course one could take the  DFDS Seaways ferry from Dover to Calais, and the seafaring and low cost definitely fits the bill of travelling alternatively.  However, if you want to take things a step further give the ports a call.  There are loads of cargo ships and personal boats that make the trip across the English Channel each day.  If you dig deep enough you might just be able to find a way to get across the channel that is both free and build a great story to tell.


Ok, so it’s not exactly the most efficient way to get across the Channel, but if you have the heart for it, and a kayak at your disposal, it could be a great way to get yourself across.  The channel is only 34km across at the most narrow point, and definitely possible to cross on a kayak in a day.  Hell, some have swam it!


Hitchhiking in England or France isn’t exactly a massive mode of transport as it is in many other parts of the world, but it’s definitely possible.  In fact, toss up a sign looking for a lift and someone will likely take pity on you within an hour or so.  Since there is so much traffic between the two, there shouldn’t be much of a wait.  Moreover, the trip will be free, and like stowing away on a ship, you’ll likely have a nice story to tell.

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