With its vibrant and cosmopolitan population and love of all things cultural, Amsterdam is a fascinating place to visit. The café society mingles seamlessly with the architecture and the unique nightlife sits naturally alongside the canals which originally made this city famous.

With flights to Amsterdam being available on a daily basis from many UK airports and often costing less than a train ticket between two UK cities, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to get away from it all but not spend a great deal of their time travelling.


There’s an amazing range of attractions, landmarks and places of historical interest to visit in this city of less than a million people, so once you’ve left the airport and made your way to the city centre, it’s time to put on your trainers and enjoy the sights and sounds of walking around Amsterdam.

The most popular tourist spot in the city is the house of Anne Frank. It’s a stunning visual and audio account of her time in hiding and a must-see attraction. It’s best to arrive early in the day or to pre-book tickets as it can get incredibly busy and if you arrive and there is a queue, arrange to come back the following morning and instead visit the Resistance Museum and the Jewish Historical Museum which are just as fascinating but nowhere near as crowded.

Amsterdam, rain

The Van Gogh Museum is a stunning collection of 100 paintings and drawings from the man famed for his style of bright colours and sharp painting technique. You can wander the gallery and take in the work and read about each piece or you can hire a head set and hear all about the work in great details. Tickets can be pre-bought from the tourist office and Friday evening is a great time to go as they are open until 10pm.

The Rijksmuseum is so famous it is almost always voted one of the best museums in the world. It has the largest collection of Dutch artwork in the world and the refurbishment work is now complete.

There are a huge number of hotels in Amsterdam and you can choose one to suit your budget. Small boutique hotels are growing in number and are comparatively inexpensive but still have all the facilities you’d expect.

With over 100km of canals, Amsterdam is known as the Venice of the North. You can take a boat trip along the water to be able to see the city from a different angle and there are some romantic trips at night where you can glide along with only the lights of the restaurants and bars to illuminate you.

Amsterdam, redlight district

The Red Light District is now a huge tourist attraction and is one of the main reasons people visit the city. It’s now become very busy at night with groups of stag parties, particularly at the weekend, so a good alternative would be to take a guided walking tour where an expert can give you a much more insightful view of the history behind the area than just looking into dimly lit doorways even can.

Car hire in Amsterdam is easy to arrange and you can head off out of the city to UNESCO site of Kinderdijk where you’ll find the largest collection of windmills along the side of the canal.

Amsterdam is a fascinating city and the way to find the real heart of the place is to scratch away at the veneer of the tourism trade. There are numerous small attractions which are rarely busy and you can see them at your own pace. Plan your itinerary with the view that you’ll be wanting to come back and discover more because once you visit Amsterdam you’ll want to return again and again to find out what it’s really like to live there. If you’re thinking of visiting Amsterdam, you can find travel information, and a unique planner that will detail precisely how to reach your destination from anywhere in the world, at Travelspec.To know more please visit Travelspec.

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