You’ve always wanted to go to a special spa holiday with an exacting regimen, a healthy, refreshing diet, massages and sea and sand. The advantage of a spa vacation is that you are in a regulated environment where it is difficult to cheat on your diet or avoid exercising. In addition, you are vacationing with other people who are involved in the same health regimen as you are, and therefore, you can enjoy companionship and support. If a spa holiday is what you are looking for, but it is not within your budget, try creating a mock spa holiday that has all of the elements of a healthy getaway without the price tag.

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Finding Accommodations

First of all, it is a good idea to do this along with a friend who will also have useful ideas and can give support for achieving fitness goals. A vacation by the sea is conducive to good health and provides many opportunities to relax and enjoy the scenery while soothing your body and mind. You can take a jog on the beach, swim a mile in the ocean, surf, snorkel and simply relax in the sand. Hotels that are close to beaches tend to carry a high price tag, so choose a hostel within reasonable walking distance to a beach. Walking or jogging to and from the beach can be part of your exercise routine and can save you money.

The advantage of hostels over hotels go beyond budgetary considerations. People tend to be more friendly and outgoing in a hostel, and often there is a shared kitchen and refrigerator where you can keep your own items. This provides a great advantage to those who are committed to healthy eating because you can prepare your own natural and organic dishes while you are on vacation and don’t have to go out of your way to find healthy restaurants. It is a good idea to locate cafés and restaurants in your area that have vegan and vegetarian options. One of the first places you will want to visit is an organic supermarket to stock up on supplies.

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Your Spa in a Suitcase

Consider taking an extra suitcase filled with items that are focused on your spa experience. These can include mud wraps, gel packs, massagers and essential oils. Roll up your yoga mat and you can lie down in the room of your hostel beside an aromatherapy candle while you and your travel companion can take turns giving each other massages. Bring some relaxing music on your iPod, put in some earplugs to eliminate distractions and let the warm soothing energy wash over you.

Bring food items in your suitcase that you are sure you can find in your destination. Be sure to include healthy yet decadent treats such as Hampton Creek Just Cookies mixes and doughs, or a jar of Just Mayo and a variety of flavors including garlic and chipotle. If you have indispensable items that you don’t find in every organic store, be sure to make a list of these, stock up on them and pack plenty for the trip.

Plan Your Routine and Have Fun

The secret to tailor making your own spa vacation is to create a balance between a strict regimen and time for fun and leisure. Start the day early with meditation and light exercises. Have a low-fat protein for breakfast such as yogurt or granola and then do a rigorous work out. If you are staying in a hotel, you might have access to a swimming pool in a sauna. Look at some area gyms to see if they have day passes. If so, you can enjoy complete workout lifting weights, swimming laps, and sitting in the sauna. If this isn’t possible, you can still enjoy a full fitness routine in your hotel and hostel and still have time to see the sights and relax.

One thing people love about going on a spa vacation is that they can be an automatic pilot mode and not have to plan their diet and exercise regimen. Everything is available there to enable them to lose weight and increase muscle tone while relaxing in a beautiful location. However, if you are highly motivated, you can enjoy many of the benefits of a spa vacation on a budget by knowing what to pack, sticking to a schedule, and finding the right accommodation that is suitable for relaxation, healthy eating and exercise.

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