Unique Experiences in Hong Kong

Hong Kong at Night

Hong Kong at Night – by Pieter Janssen

Hong Kong, though teeming with people and gridlocked with traffic, is an extremely efficient, highly organized place. On a trip to Hong Kong you might savour some tasty Asian cuisine, enjoy the fantastic harbour views from Victoria Peak, shop for clothes in one of the city’s shopping centres or have a quiet moment in one of the temples or parks. Once you’ve weaved your way through the seas of people, Hong Kong has so much to offer. However, if you want to do something a little bit different, why not try one of these unique experiences?

The Central-Mid-Level Escalators

The Central-Mid-Level Escalators are a series of escalators that link Des Voeux Road Central and Conduit Road in the Mid-Levels. At 800 metres long, it is the longest escalator system in the world. You can stop off at shops, boutiques and restaurants along the way and the escalators offer a convenient way to make the 135-metre ascent up the hillside in Hong Kong. The escalators are free and run uphill between 10am and midnight, but they only run downhill between 6am and 10am. To get back down outside of these hours you can walk through the streets or take the stairs.

Have a suit tailor-made for you

No trip to Asia is complete without visiting a tailor shop. Instead of buying an ill-fitting suit from a department store, why not buy a suit made to your exact measurements by an expert tailor? Having a bespoke suit made in Hong Kong can be significantly cheaper than having one made in your home country. Tailors in Hong Kong range from backstreet shops to boutiques in luxury hotels and are known for producing high-quality threads at low prices.

Experience Disneyland Hong Kong

Most have heard of Disneyworld in Florida, the original Disneyland in California and perhaps the Disneyland in Paris. But did you know there are also Disneylands in Tokyo and Hong Kong? Disneyland Hong Kong is located in Penny’s Bay on Lantau Island, opposite Check Lap Kok Hong Kong International Airport.

Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, so it’s the perfect time to have your picture taken with famous characters like Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell. There are four themed areas including Main Street U.S.A, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland, plus the park features two hotels two choose from called the “Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel” and “Disney’s Hollywood Hotel”.

A trip to Disneyland gives you the chance to meet your favourite Disney characters, go on some thrilling rides and watch Broadway-style shows. Walk through a mock-up American town from the 1900s with quaint streets and colourful parades in Main Street U.S.A; step into a space themed land where you can ride on an indoor rollercoaster and battle aliens with Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland; watch a show, meet the Disney characters and take a ride with Dumbo in the magical world of Fantasyland; voyage into the jungle by boat, see the “Festival of the Lion King” musical and climb into Tarzan’s tree house in Adventureland; then finish your day watching the spectacular “Disney in the Stars” fireworks at night .

Experience night time in the ocean depths at Hong Kong Aquarium

Night Time in the Ocean’s Depths is a unique experience at the Ocean Park Aquarium, which is only available on specific dates in the month and you must apply in advance. This special camping programme allows you to experience the world of the seabed at night. You’ll get inside the facilities and feeding times of sea creatures at the Grand Aquarium, plus you’ll enjoy dinner at Neptune’s restaurant and breakfast at the Panda Cafe. A maximum of 40 people can take part on a given day and the experience lasts from 5:30pm until 10am the following day.

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