A while back, I wrote an article on my journey to Sierra Leone via moto from Guinea.  And as I sit here in Mali on Day 90 of my video project “It’s my Life 365” I’m finally getting a little bit caught up.  Officially, this is the 41st day of my attempt to film at the very least a clip of my life each and every day of the year.  This was easily one of the best days I’ve had in Africa so far.  I took a motorcycle for about 8 hours from Kindia, Guinea to a national park called Outamba-Kilimi via some seriously rough “roads,” and arrived at one of the most remote national parks in West Africa.  I think it makes for a good travel video and hope you do too.
Most of this video was shot on a tiny little GoPro Hero 2, as is most of my footage. Enjoy!

When I started this project I said that I’d still do it even if not a soul watched it.  I felt like I wanted to document my own life a little bit better, and this project has always been “for me”.  Still, I’d be tickled if you subscribed to my channel on youtube regardless.

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