My time in Namibia was amazing.  Looking back on it, it may have been my favourite experience in all of Africa.  The people are friendly, the sights are amazing, and there’s plenty of adventure to be had.   I went skydiving in Namibia one day, and the next sand boarding.  It was just packed with things for a guy like me to do.  Moreover, it was relatively cheap.  I didn’t spend too much money and I certainly didn’t shy away from more expensive excursions and hotels.  Namibia will always be one of my favourite countries to travel to.

Anyways, this video shows my last couple days in Namibia.  After leaving Windhoek, and getting my scooter all fixed up, I headed southbound through the dry but beautiful landscape of the south of the country.  On my last full day in Namibia, I headed off the pavement and onto the gravel roads that lead towards Ai-Ais Hot Springs. It was a beautiful place, but packed with South African campers.  After not seeing tourists for months earlier in the year, it was actually a shock I didn’t mind.

On the next video, I make the final push for Cape Town.  18,000km from Bamako to Cape Town.  I can’t believe I did it.

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