Banana Islands Sierra Leone

Video of the Week: Sierra Leone’s Banana Islands

Banana Islands Sierra LeoneI wrote an article about coming to the realization that I really needed to chill out a little bit more while travelling.  The truth is that in Africa so far I hadn’t stayed in one place longer than 5 nights for over 3 months.  You see, it’s quite easy to always be looking ahead to the next amazing adventure.  And when you can see your future holds chimpanzees and elephants and all sorts of other amazing things, it’s kind of hard to just take a day off and watch the world go by,

The truth is that I really need to take more “beach days”.  I really need to take more time to just sit back and enjoy the view.  I think that sometimes I’m so concerned about getting the photo, or getting video footage, or finding a great story that I forget I need to unwind a bit myself.  Sure, my job is travel and that’s a beautiful thing.  But even travellers can’t work 7 day workweeks, while not taking a day off to just relax.  My time on the Banana Islands of Sierra Leone allowed me not only to unwind and relax, but it made me realize that I need to be doing a little bit more of it.

Regadless, I think that the video came out really good from my first day on the Banana Islands and if you enjoy the video below I hope that you also subscribe to my youtube channel.  Enjoy: