Another on my escapades from Africa coming up during my effort to get all my videos caught up somehow.  Again, I lost a little bit of the footage from this day but still got most of the good bits from the helicopter ride over Victoria Falls.  It really was an awesome experience.

For me, the best thing about the helicopter ride was this was the first way I saw Victoria Falls.  I didn’t walk in through the national park at all prior to flying.  And well later I do go for a wander through the park, and I even got to see the famous Victoria Falls lunar rainbow at one point, there was something special about seeing the falls this way first.

Anyways, there’s still tonnes of footage from Africa that I need to go through and edit, but I’m almost starting to see light at the end of the tunnel here on the It’s my Life 365 project, for year one anyways.  It’s been amazing going through the old footage, and this day from Victoria Falls brought back a lot of happy memories for me.

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