My time in Livinstone, Zambia was extensive and amazing. My first day there, I went on my first Southern Africa safari and saw my first wild giraffes and rhino. On my second day there I went on a lion encounter just outside of town along the Zambezi River. Now, I wrote about this experience a bit already so I don’t need to go into too much detail. However, again I’m having so much fun going over these old videos of my travels. In fact, I almost wish I would have just kept all the footage until the end and started processing this way. Now, after being gone from Africa for a couple months, I have so much more appreciation for the experiences I had there, like walking with lions or going on safaris. I even appreciate the hard times like the time I nearly died. Africa was just an adventure. Every single day was something crazy and exciting.

Anyways, I hope you’re enjoying the videos as much as I’m enjoying going over the old footage. I swear, I must look like a fool sitting around laughing at myself watching the old stuff.

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