These videos have been fun to produce after the fact.  Actually, I kind of wish I had storage space for all the videos from Africa and just done them all afterwards.  I have said it many times, I could really care less if these videos get views, all though I do enjoy the comments from those who watch.  For the most, these videos were for me.  They were meant as a video diary of my life.  I had so many crazy experiences before Africa, that I really felt I should be trying to capture more of it, so I could use them to jog my memory.  Each time I edit a video, it does just that.  This video of the time I went on safari in Etosha National Park with Chameleon Safaris did just that. I could almost feel myself cruising along the road in the safari vehicle, feel the stick of the dry earth to my sweating skin, and hear the sound of a trumpeting elephant in the distance.  It’s amazing going back and looking at these things. In regard to the video itself, Etosha National Park is very different from the other parks in Africa mostly because of the fact that it is very arid.  You don’t see hippos, but you do see plenty of antelope and zebras.  You also see lots of giraffe and elephants. There is, of course, also a good chance of seeing predators like lions here because of the high number of prey.  I also got a chance to see a couple rhinos which was my first ever glimpse at these beautiful animals. All-in-all, my excursion into Etosha National Park was a big success.  On the next episode, I skydive over the Namibian desert.  Stay tuned.

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