Wilderness, South Africa

Video: Wilderness, South Africa

I really didn’t know much about South Africa before visiting.  I guess I had the same image of the place as most people who haven’t visited.  I imagined lions and elephants, I imagined a Cape Town view, and I imagined lots and lots of townships.  I guess when you market so hard around those three things, that’s the impression people come away with.  My confusion is why they never market this side of South Africa?  The Garden Route is not only beautiful, but it’s safe, quiet, and so incredibly varied.

This video was shot near the town of Wilderness, South Africa.  To it’s name, Wilderness is basically in the heart of the forest.  It’s a cute little town on a little lagoon just a hop from the sea.  It’s back-dropped by some beautiful hills that offer some nice little hiking excursions.  Though I only had one day in Wilderness, I made sure to get myself on a trail to a waterfall.  The trip was the perfect escape into the “Wilderness” of South Africa without ever veering too far from the path.  I saw a giant kingfisher, a couple woodpeckers, and only 3 other hikers on the trail.  It was about as good as a day can get.