When is the Right Time to Travel?

When is the Right Time to Travel?

I know that I probably got you with that title.  It’s a great question.  And that’s the type of stuff that I am talking about over as the editor of KumukaBlog.com.  Here’s a bit of an except:

“However, since my days on the road have begun I’ve realized the ridiculousness of this stress.  Through the travel community I’ve met families that spend their time on the road, I’ve met couples that find every spare second they can growing as a couple through travel, and I’ve met older retired couples still rolling along in the adventure travel world having more fun than anyone else.  My eyes have been opened.

We raced ahead of the group by a couple kilometers which gave us a chance to wander around our lunch spot. We came across this very cold waterfall along the way.
Me Traveling young

In fact, I would argue that I’ve actually begun to go the other way on the “when to travel” spectrum.  I think about how amazing it would be to travel with people close to me, to share the amazing experience of travel with others.  I had my parents, who are in their mid-50s, with me in Peru and I had an absolute blast sharing the adventure with them.  It was like I was experiencing things for the first time, just as they were.  When I look at the family adventure tours that are offered I always get a little bit excited.  Being a kid in a grown up’s body family adventure tours seem amazing to me.  I can just imagine sharing the experience of seeing orangutans or driving across the grasslands on safari with my future family and it really does give me hope.” Read more here…

The truth is I’m very proud of how well things are going over at kumukablog.com so far.  I am running a six day a week posting schedule of: Monday… Notes from the Editor’s desk; Travel Tuesday Tour of the Week; Destination Wednesday: where we take in a guest post and highlight it; Top 5… Thursday; Photo of the Week Friday, and How to… Saturday.

Last week we had some great stuff posted.  However, I think that many people may be slightly turned off by blogs that, in the end, promote their own product.  In fact, I’ve never ever looked at a blog from another travel company because I know that they are self-interested.  I’m telling you though, this is even more self-interested.  In fact, my traveling life depends on it; because if you read it, I may have a more stable online job that will allow me to keep afloat on the road.  This is good for me, and it is good for “The World is my Jungle Gym.”

As such, I hope that you don’t mind this self-interested post.  But I really am putting my heart and soul into the kumuka blog project, and I think some great stuff is coming out of it, I hope that you read it.

Thanks so much for your support!