Family holidays are obviously more challenging to organize than say, solo backpacking trips.  Of course, not only do you have to be thinking about the desires of more than just yourself, you also have to be catering to you kids.  Moreover, unless you want to spoil your kids, you’re likely going to want to get something out of it as well.  So where to take a family holiday in Europe?

Well, it really comes down to your family.  But there are actually plenty of options in Western Europe that should satisfy everyone from the kids who like to play in the waterparks to the moms who just want to lay on a beach or by the pool reading a book and catching some sun.

UK Beach Holiday

I know, I give the UK a bit of a hard time when it comes to their beaches.  However, the truth is that for the 10 days of summer in the UK, the beaches are a great place to head.  Moreover, Cornwall family holidays, for example are one of the most popular summer activities in Europe.  Perfect for families, parents can let their kids race along the beach chasing waves or building sand castles while they lie back and relax in the summer sun.

UK Beach

rome, bridge

Disneyland Paris

While the romantic in you might think it to be crazy to visit Paris by heading out to its version of Disneyland, but there really is something for everyone in the family at Disneyland Paris.  Young kids will be swept away in curiosity seeing their favourite characters come to life, older kids will wear out their shoes chasing after rides, and parents will have a hard time not being sucked back into a childhood sentiment as well.  It’s a great holiday destination for families.

Roman Camping

Surprising to some, places like Rome actually cater to camping families quite well.  On the outskirts of Rome, you’ll actually find a couple really good camping resorts that cater to both families and backpackers.  In the summer, these parks pack with people who spend their time playing at the pool, dancing at the on-site nightclubs, or sitting around a fire pit.  The best part, just outside of the campsite sits one of the most beautiful cities on the planet!

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