Which “Cheap Airfare” Site Should you Use?

I was recently approached by someone at TravelGrove.com a company that promotes, among other things cheap airfares.  They wanted me to write a review on their site and service.  As you may know, I am more than willing to

Flying over the Andes near Santiago, Chile

review a travel or photography related product or service as long as I have tried the product (Canon Cameras, if you are listening, I really NEED a new camera – ok WANT a new camera).  However, I have never used the TravelGrove.com service I was skeptical to review their product.  However, it did get me thinking, with all the different services out there how do I know which one I should use?

I’ve flown dozens of times to different locations. I’ve taken flights of 10 hours, and I’ve been on flights of 30 minutes, but what always takes longer than actually booking the flight is researching flight prices.  And although I’d love to be able to write that TravelGrove will get you that cheap flights to Los Angeles that you are looking for, I can’t say that.  I wish it was magically that easy.  The truth is that you do need to do the research, and that includes stopping in an checking sites like TravelGrove, but it also includes checking the dozens of other similar sites looking to offer you the cheapest flight prices on the market.

When I booked my last flight, I ended up checking nearly all of the sites that exist out there from Kayak to Cheapoair, and I found that the site itself isn’t as important as the days you book.  I found that not only are flights cheaper Tuesday

The Shadow of my plane over some clouds

through Thursday, but also that if you’re booking a flight it’s best to book on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday as well.  Whenever I checked the price of my flight on Friday the price was always nearly 200 dollars (20%) more.  The beauty of TravelGrove is that it checks all of the major cheap air flights search engines for you, so you don’t need to waste your time clicking through each of them yourself.

All that being said, now when booking a flight I don’t worry so much about where I book it.  As long as the site is reputable it’s safe.  What I look for now is what else they can offer me.  TravelGrove offers all the usual options of a cheap airfares flight: vacation sales, cruises, hotels, rental cars, ect.  But what I found enticing about their site is the presence of a community page as well as a number of city and country travel guides such as this Las Vegas travel guide.

I wish that in this post I could tell you that I found some magical site that guarantees to find the cheapest anywhere, but you’ll still have to do your research.  What I do know however, that next time I book a flight, and the way my life is that will probably be quite soon, I will definitely through the dates and places into the search at TravelGrove.

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