It’s funny being a permanent traveller because people always seem shocked when you say you haven’t been somewhere.  Especially if you’re like me and you tend to travel to off-beat places like West Africa rather than the more traditional destinations  The question following the surprise is always why?  How do I choose my destinations?  Well, to be quite honest there’s no real formula to it.  I’ll break it down to you regionally.


I’ve always wanted to visit Scandinavia, in particular places like Norway and Sweden.  There are beautiful women, interesting geographies and some awesome opportunities for outdoor activity. So what’s not to like about the north of Europe? Oh right, the cold.  I don’t do the cold well, I’m a Canadian and I spent too many months of my life living through that stuff already.  I’ll pass on cold for now.

Ok… I braved the cold for Antarctica… but they supplied the winter gear!

Australia and New Zealand

I have dozens of Aussie and Kiwi friends from the road, and the fact that Oceania is my last continent should mean I’m dying to get there and I am.  The truth is that coming out of high school I was likely just minutes away from spending a year there, it was one of my dreams.  However, minutes before buying the ticket for my flight I was given a call by a college basketball coach and decided to play basketball instead.  Today my excuses are much more monetary.  Sure the overall costs of holidays to Australia can be quite reasonable if done right, but the flights alone would kill my budget.  I can see myself getting to the region someday, but it will likely be by boat from South-East Asia. When it comes to accommodation, I’m not as stressed in Australia.  I have good friends around the country and know I can find places to stay in Gold Coast or Sydney, but getting off the beaten path is still going to be expensive here.

I’ve been to Rome… but never Australia… it’s just to far away!


I LOVE India!” They all say.  Oh, I know you do… you facebooked about it 42 times.  Me, I’d LOVE to go to India too.  However, there are just so many other regional gems that I’d have to find myself in before going to India I think.  I want to see Pakistan, I want to see Myanmar, I want to see Nepal, and Bhutan.  The truth is that if I end up in India any time soon it will likely be because it was on my way to one of these other destination.

I’ve been to Machu Picchu… some American I met there said “there are lots of Indians here!” So it’s like India right?


Well, unlike most of the other places on this list, I really have no desire to travel to Thailand.  I would have likely fallen in love with this place years ago before the tourists took it over, but now, I think I’d cringe every step of the way.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike tourists.  What I dislike are the tourists that do nothing but lay on the beach, drink every night, never converse with a local unless they’re buying toilet paper, and then return home and tell everyone how they “found themselves”.  It might be my imagination, but I’ve always imagined my run-ins with that type of traveller would be too numerous for me to handle in Thailand.


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