Having a family, for many people, can be used as an excuse not to travel when in reality it should be a reason.  Today’s post should hopefully convey that message.  This is a post from Sarah at Wandering Off and this is why she travels:

Baby's First Splash in the Atlantic

Travel means introducing my daughter to the world outside of our neighborhood and helping her experience real life, not the cartoon version.  I love that my daughter knows what a real octopus looks like.  I love that she has splashed in oceans, watched dramatic extra-innings baseball games, and walked through historic buildings.  Even though she’s only three years old, it is amazing how much she remembers about these experiences and how often she talks about them.

My husband and I have taken our daughter to places like Boston and Chicago, but she’s also seen rural areas throughout the southern United States.  As she grows up, I hope she will realize that even if she disagrees with someone, their views came from somewhere.  There is a reason they feel the way that they do—and usually that reason has to do with location.  I want her to see that “normal” is a relative term.

Also, I want her to grow up believing that adventure lies around every corner.  It isn’t about how far you travel.  The important thing is that you observe the world around you, try new things, and keep an open mind.  I loved to travel before I became a mom, but now it has even more meaning than before.


Author Bio:

Sarah V. writes a travel blog called Wandering Off, which focuses on her family’s adventures through Texas and beyond.  She loves nothing more than jumping in the car, firing up the GPS, and seeing where the road takes her.  To go along on her adventures, follow her on Twitter at @wandering_off or become a fan of Wandering Off on Facebook.

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