Some people take pictures like the view could quickly disappear.  I’ll be honest, I take a tonne of pictures as well.  But after traveling for a while I realized that the pictures were great, but reading the notes and stories and journals that I had written always made me laugh; they always triggered my memory the best.  It is for that reason that I started travel writting, and I think most did so for the same reason.  Today we focus on writers, these are posts by Matthew Long, Jeremy Branham, and Theodora Filis and this is why they travel:

Why I Travel, By Matthew Long

Travel is much more than touring world heritage sights or checking
cathedrals off a list of must-see attractions. Traveling is entirely about
the experiences that a person has while exploring the world around them.
My most memorable encounters on the road have been some of the simplest.
Impromptu karaoke with new friends at a bar in Prague, attending afternoon
prayer at the Blue Mosque and swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos are
some of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It is so important
when traveling to keep in mind the fact that it is what you do that
matters most. Ultimately, rather than allowing one to engage in
braggadocio, traveling should be a humbling experience.  When one is
humbled by the experience, only then can they truly appreciate it and be
grateful for the unique opportunity.


Author Bio:

Matthew Long, Editor-in-Chief and creator of, has a true
passion for traveling. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug,
Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see
and how to do it all on a budget. Matt is a Lonely Planet Featured
Blogger, as well as a contributor to, Traveldudes and
Travel Tidbits.


Why We Travel by Jeremy Branham

The answer to this question isn’t a simple one.  My reasons for traveling have evolved over the years.

When I was young, I traveled because my parents took me with them on trips.  As a kid, I saw many states on the east coast – from Florida to Maine.  I went because I had to but didn’t mind many of the trips.

In college, I had a great opportunity to go to Estonia with a group of people from my church.  I went because I was curious.  I had never been out of the country before but I discovered a passion I didn’t know I had for culture, language, and history.

In my 20s and 30s, I explored Europe (14 countries in total).  As excited as I was about the countries I visited, I found it was the memories and experiences I had that made me love travel.  It changed the way I viewed the world and changed me in the process.  I traveled because places and people fascinated me.

As a dad, I want to show my kids what I have seen and experienced through travel.  I don’t want my kids living a life that is about their American point of view.  I travel because I want their lives to be transformed.

Why I travel has changed over the years – from the perspective of a kid to a young adult to a dad.  Yet travel will always be a part of who I am, who I become, and who my kids become as well.


Author Bio:

Jeremy lives in northern California with his wife and 2 little boys (2 and 5 months)  He loves to travel and his favorite destination is Europe.  He’s been to 34 states and 18 countries and has discovered a passion for travel writing.  He currently writes for as a budget travel writer and just started his own travel blog (


What Travel Means To Me
By: Theodora Filis

Traveling is the equivalent to being in love for the very first time, every time. From the moment I book my ticket my energy shifts from placid to euphoric. It begins with the drive to the airport and parking the car. As I remove my bag from the trunk a gust of wind blows my raincoat open sending chills through my body. I walk to the terminal building with intent as the wheels of my carry-on rumble behind me. The airport is quiet at half past four in the morning. Student travelers resemble walking zombies as they make their way to the coffee trolley.

I check in, grab a newspaper and coffee and find a seat near any window. The planes are being loaded with luggage and fueled for take-off. My adrenalin starts pumping and I feel a renewed sense of adventure. My flight leaves in less then an hour, and the thought gives me a rush.

Soon I will be in another country. The air in each country is distinctive and can be summoned in a moment. The different languages, customs and foods all make traveling a life-altering experience. When I am not traveling for work, I travel for adventure… my home is where I go to wash my clothes and pay the bills. Traveling connects me to our beautiful world and the people who make it diverse and exciting.


Author’s Bio:



Theodora Filis is an Environmental Consultant who has worked with multinational corporations throughout Europe, The American Farm School, IFOAM, The Soil Association, United Nations, The Bishopic of Cyprus and St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Assisi, Italy. Instructed the implementation of new policies and procedures dealing with organic farming methods, conversion and certification. College Instructor, Freelance writer for UK Progressive and co-author of “Living and Working in Greece”.
You can follow and of her blog:
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