I have been on the road for about 10 months straight now, actually probably even a little bit longer. People always ask me, why are you doing it? What do you get out of the experience that is so valuable that you can leave opportunity, economic growth, and family and friends behind. The people who question do so with a hint of disbelief hidden behind their attempt of understanding. The truth is, I don’t know why I travel. But all I can say is that ever single major emotional, personal, or psychological break through I’ve had in life has happened while I was traveling. I feel like I have grown on a level that can’t be described, and it all happens through travel. I don’t travel looking to grow as a person it just happens, and that is something that no one really understands until they throw themselves to the winds of the earth and let the world take them.

I have been thinking a lot about this idea of growth while traveling a lot lately, and have been planning on writing about it. But as I began to write I decided that maybe this deserves something bigger; maybe I needed to broaden my views. I wanted to hear the perspectives other people on the road. I wanted to hear from a wide variety people from solo travelers, round the world travelers, couples and families traveling, and people who travel vicariously from their couches and cubicle back home.

I have asked a number of writers, photographers, and bloggers alike to chime in on the simple question of “What does travel mean to me?” Over the next week we will here at least one response a day from these people starting Tuesday (June 1). And next Tuesday I will be posting my own article.

I want to take the time now to thank everyone for contributing. I hope the words that you used to answer this question will resonate to everyone reading. I hope that the power of your experiences is felt by those you read your posts. And I hope that you also inspire those reading to start an experience of their own!

This is what we have coming up:

Tuesday, June, 1: Lifers:

Wednesday, June 2: Expats:

Thursday, June 3: I’d Rather be traveling:

Friday, June 4: Family Time:

Saturday, June 5:  Solo Travelers:

Sunday, June 6: The Writers

Monday, June 7: ‘Round the World

Tuesday, June 8: Brendans Adventures

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