I get approached a lot (basically every day) by PR people wanting me to promote their product or a bit of travel related news.  Usually I toss the emails into the trash as soon as I receive them.  However, I was offered an interesting bit of editorial content the other day by TomTom that I think will definitely interest you.  And believe me, there is something in it for you if you are one of the lucky winners of this contest.

Basically, TomTom is sending 5 families (or groups of friends) to an exotic island to map it out.  You will basically cruise around in a car and explore every inch of paradise.  They are sending people to The Seychelles, Mauritius, St. Lucia, Fiji and Cape Verde.  Now if getting to explore one of these exotic locales didn’t sound enticing enough, they are also going to be giving the winners some big money  for their troubles (earnings vary based on the location of the winner: 10,000 Euros for EU Citizens, 10,000 Pounds for UK citizens and $15,000 for Americans).  Regardless of the earnings, I could certainly think of worse things to do with my time.

Obviously it’s a great opportunity for anyone looking for a family getaway that involves a little bit more than laying on the beach.  It’s an opportunity for you to gain something out of a holiday.  Being handed the keys to a car and told to cruise around a bit of tropical paradise is a dream come true for most, being paid to do so is almost too good to be true.

Anyways, I’ve attached the adjoining video that gives all of the information for the trip and how you can enter.  I really hope that one of my readers gets the chance to take part in this experience.

***This post has been sponsored, but the thoughts and written content above are my own.

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