Last weekend I did a review and walkthrough of Photoshop Elements 13 here on the blog and on my travel photography YouTube channel.  I also had the opportunity to give away 3 copies of the brand new product which includes not only the latest version of Photoshop Elements, but also the video editing software of Elements Premiere 13.  Well, today, I have your winners. Come on down…

And the Winners are…

The contest was operated by Rafflecopter and I had absolutely no control over choosing the winners aside from clicking “Choose Winners”.  They received entries by completing small tasks like following me on twitter or liking Photoshop Elements on facebook.  Then, I drew from the names.  These are the winners:

  • Timothy Gervan
  • Kolbie Smith
  • Marc Osborne

Congratulations on your winnings, you’ll be notified by email of your victory in the next couple of days.

What’s Next on the Blog?

In the coming weeks I’ve got lots of fun stuff on the blog.  I’ll be talking about photo storage solution for travel photographers.  I’ll also be reviewing some travel photography gear.  I’m also on location, as usual, and have a video taken from riding the VIA Rail across Canada including some tips on how to take photos from a moving train.  Also, this week I’ll be test driving the brand new Volkswagen Touareg in Banff National Park which should be lots of fun, so be sure to stay subscribed!

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