Photo of the Week: Wrecked Beauty

Roatan Honduras
Coastal Beauty on Roatan Island, Honduras

They say that there are two sides to Roatan Island, the tourist side that is covered in beautiful beaches and 5 star resorts and the other side where the locals live in basic shambles.  However, I somehow found myself wandering the local side more often.  I was drawn to the housing establishments that people had, and the amazing views that they enjoyed.  When I came across this spot I got really excited.  I snapped a shot, excited to show anyone that would take a look.  But what I wanted them to notice was how amazing this place was, right on the water, sitting on stilts and facing the sunset.  However, what everyone I showed this picture saw, was the wrecked state the house, dock and boat are in.  To me, this is beauty… wrecked beauty.

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