Zip-lining on Ometepe Island

I’ve become a little bit of a zip-line snob. The activity, which involves one strapping them self to a wire and slinging from tree to tree, is one that I’ve taken part in often. I first cruised the trees via zipline transportation in Monteverde, Costa Rica, a place I would highly recommend. The truth is, however, that across the Americas zip-lines have begun to go up just about everywhere. They are, in many ways, almost becoming a cliche in the travel world. As a zip-line snob I’ve gotten to the point that I’ve almost begun to hate seeing them. Like an old grump I’ve begun longing for the old days when one had to go all the way to Monteverde for a good zip-line.

However, Just because I’ve become a veteran of the zip-line war, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy strapping myself to a cable and shooting myself through the trees. When I was on Ometepe Island, on Lago Nicaragua, recently I took to the wires, and enjoyed every minute of it. The zip-line in Ometepe features over a dozen wires and rappels from one of the highest non-volcanic peaks on the island. While soaring from tree to tree you’ll be gifted with amazing views of the beautiful Lake as well as the volcanoes that form the island. If you get out to this incredible island zip-lining should be on your list of things to do.

I put together a little bit of a video featuring some of the runs at these zip-lines on Ometepe Island. Enjoy:

Oh, and on a completely irrelevant note. There’s a big announcement coming on Monday!!!