Postcard Perfect British Columbia

Usually every Sunday or Monday I post a photo of the week.  The only problem is that there is no way that I could have chosen just one photo for the week.  I’m literally cruising around British Columbia at a breakneck pace and taking more photos a day than I have since being in Antarctica.  The fact that I’m shooting a lot of images, coupled with the fact that Vancouver Island is a constant postcard waiting to happen, means that I’m coming up with quite a few shots that I’m really proud of.

This province really is spectacular, it seems like everywhere you look you catch yourself saying things like “wow, that should be a postcard!”  And sure, you can get pretty cheap postcards from the province, but why wait to see the spectacular images.  Below I’ve decided to show off a couple of my “postcard worth shots” from the past week in this beautiful province.

So let’s hear your feedback, which is your favourite?

British Columbia

British Columbia-2

British Columbia-3

British Columbia-4

British Columbia-5

British Columbia-6

British Columbia-7

British Columbia-8

British Columbia-9

British Columbia-10

British Columbia-11

British Columbia-12

British Columbia-13