How to Take Great Travel Photos with a Point and Shoot Camera

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In our travels how often do we find ourselves wowed by a spectacular view?  Eagerly we dive into our pockets and pull out our point and shoot cameras and hold them up in excitement, ecstatic to have the opportunity to capture the view, the moment, and especially the feeling of the world that lies in front of our eyes. But then how often do we look down at the LCD screens of our cameras disappointed with what it has captured.  The sky is whitewashed, the valley doesn’t look as deep, and the colours don’t have any dimension to them at all.  It really is one of the most frustrating parts about travel photography, it seems impossible to match the mood and feel of an place we witness in person.

The simple excuse we often make is that we don’t have a good enough camera, but I can tell you that it’s not the camera at all.  In fact, users of the high priced DSLR cameras are faced with the very same issues as those of use who use point and shoot cameras.  You can take great travel photos with your point and click camera, it’s just a matter of learning a couple of tricks of the trade.  My brand new eBook “How to Take Great Travel Photos with a Point and Shoot Camera” has been called one of the best travel photography books out on the market.  It is put together in a simple way to steer you towards not only good travel pictures, but amazing ones.  After reading this book you will begin taking pictures that you won’t be ashamed to show to your friends and family when you get home.  Check out the features of this great book:

The old cabin on Lake Louise

The old cabin on Lake Louise

  • No tech talk! Knowing your camera is one thing, but you don’t really need to know the ins and out of technical photography to take great travel photos.  Instead of tech talk I explain to you the simple way to take a great picture.  This is not one of those photography books that rattles off scientific methods. It’s just straight and to the point.
  • Tricks of the Trade! The truth is that getting sharper images is simple, there are just a few tricks that all the pros use to get those knife sharp images.  And I’ll spill the beans for you in this book.
  • Shoot in any Situation! We often keep our cameras hidden away in certain situations (at night, in museums and churches) because our point and shoots just don’t take those images well.  In my eBook there is a description of all types of travel photography, and an easy guide to shooting in everyone of those scenarios, so you’ll never have to say that your camera doesn’t shoot something well.
  • A guide to photo editing!I also give step-by-step guides to doing some very cool things with your travel
    The sun setting in nearby Flores

    The sun setting in nearby Flores, Guatemala

    photography on your computer.  You’ll learn how to do things like straighten distorted buildings, replace a boring sky with a more dramatic one, and even remove unwanted objects and people from your images.

  • There is much more as well! 65 pages, in total, including at least one of my photographs on each page, each taken with a point and shoot camera.

Still not convinced?  Here’s a blurb from a recent review:

“Read the guide from cover to cover, study the excellent examples, then grab your camera and get shooting. If you follow the tips, tricks, and techniques in this guide, your photographic skills have nowhere to go but UP. Oh, and one last thing, since it’s an e-book you can take it with wherever you travel to without adding any extra weight!” – Nancie McKinnon

The price for a limited time is only 7.99$, a great deal in comparison to some of the more expensive photography books out there.  I’m so sure that you’ll enjoy it that there is 100% money back guarantee in the case you don’t.

The book is also available via in their fantastic handheld kindle form.  To buy the kindle form from Amazon click here otherwise you can by the eBook version, which will be sent directly to your email inbox, by clicking the buy it now button below.

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  1. Accidently I just ordered a groupon now… Looks like I used the wrong giant button… LOL

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    • Oooo… does that mean that you’ve clicked on a google ad and that I might make 50 cents today?!!?

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  2. Great stuff about cameras! I admit it can be very frustrating in trying to take photos in museums and churches. I am excited because we are getting a “photographer’s” camera with a nice entry level SLR. So all this photo stuff is new to me. Good luck on the ebook! I guess I am going to have to pay attention now on these photo tips! 🙂

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  3. You have a gift for clarity, Brendan. I’m getting a lot out of the book–great tips and up-to-date information on choosing and using my next camera. Money well spent!

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  4. Congratulations, Brendan!
    I really like your style and I also admire the way you live your life.
    Don’t ever stop exploring the world!
    I am thankful for the great things that I’m keep learning from your travels.

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  5. The sunset picture is beautiful on some many different aspects.

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  6. Hey,

    Did you take these pictures yourself =D. Which camera do you use?


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    • All photos in the ebook were taken on a Canon powershot point and shoot!

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  7. I often felt nervous to take out my camera my traveling. It’s easy to buy into all the hype about cameras getting stolen etc…I should have just trusted that I had insurance on the camera and could always get a new one. Next time I won’t hesitate as much!

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  8. Brendan I am a first time subscriber and so far I like what I see. I am an amateur photographer with no photography school experience but for some reason one day I picked up a Nikon camera and started shooting and to my surprise I had an eye to capturing photographs that others couldn’t see in a scene. I am trying to understand the full frame photography now…what can you share about that?

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    • Hi Robin,
      Check out my video on the 6D which is a full frame camera. Essentially, a full frame is simply bigger. It tends to have a lower pixel density as well. All this translates to higher quality photos. You can also shoot much higher ISO with a full frame camera without getting noise in your photos. The vast majority of professional photographers shoot full frame.
      Hope that helps!

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  9. I like adventure … I’m researching where I’m going to venture!

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