My First Haiti Reportage

My First Haiti Reportage


As most of you know, I was in Haiti a couple of weeks ago.  I had a number of people contact me through emails, facebook, and comments interested in what’s going on in the country.  It’s sad, but most of the mainstream media disappeared from Haiti a long time ago.  I felt as if it was a bit of my duty to get down in the trenches and report back as to what was happening on the ground.  While in Port au Prince, I stayed at the Haiti Communitaire compound in the neighbourhood of Tabarre.  It was there that I met up with Dani Nobrega with whom I was invited along with to watch the program “The Groove Method” in action.

The article from that amazing experience is published in the blog of my travel magazine.  You can read about my experience with the groove method over there by following this link. I really hope the article can serve as even a slice of inspiration.  It was a deep and powerful experience for myself and everyone involved.  I will have some articles on Haiti surfacing over here on Brendan’s Adventures over the next couple weeks as well.

Just so you know, the kids that stay at the orphanage we visited on this trip sleep on the floor of this dusty property.  In the next couple weeks we’re going to be running a bit of a fundraiser to see if we can get them some beds to sleep in!  Stay tuned for that.

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