Photos of the Week: Nouakchott Fish Market

The Nouakchott fish market is busy and chaotic.  If you show up in the afternoon, around 3pm the fishermen and women, who are actually almost entirely Wolof, will be racing frantically back and forth from the boats with the catches of the day.  The waters off the coast of Mauritania are some of the richest in the world, and there is always a flurry of activity here.  Aside from the people and the market itself, the beautifully painted pirogues are worth some photos.

I was warned that going to the Nouakchott fish market with my camera might get me into some trouble.  They said that officials don’t want tourists taking pictures of the fish laying on the beach because they think it will hurt their sanitation image with countries that buy the fish, like France.  However, I never ran into any problems and in many cases actually had people asking me to take their photos.

These are a couple of images from the fish market in Nouakchott.  Enjoy!