I know it’s starting to seem like a little bit of a trend on my EuroTrip so far, but I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived in Wales. I headed to Llandudno for a couple days in hopes of getting away from the cities. I really enjoyed the quirkiness of Llandudno, but how could I visit Wales without checking out some castles?

A friend of mine, Dan from Adventures with Dan, lives just down the highway and agreed to take me out to see the country. We decided on visiting Conwy to shoot some photography together since he had never been there either.  Amazing how some times it takes someone travelling around the world to your hometown for you to go out and explore it isn’t it?  All in all, it made for a pretty good day and I think we ended up with some pretty good shots. Below you will find a small photos from our daytrip to Conwy Castle, enjoy.

Conwy Castle ahead... Must be the easiest castle to storm in the world. You just give them a couple pounds and they let you in.
First... you cross the the draw bridge where you will be charged 2 pounds because it's old.
What a rip off... I expected to be attacked by crocodiles or something. I could have swam across easy!
Another 5 pounds and they let your right into their gardens... sellouts
I am the king of the castle!!
And below, are the peasants with their silly houses!