Well, this is likely going to be the shortest post in the history of Brendan’s Adventure.  I’m just announcing the winner of the Photoshop Elements giveaway I ran on my blog last Friday.

Now, before anyone cries cheers of joy or sadness, I want to remind you that I did not in anyway have any influence at all in who won this contest.  Basically, I ran with an online raffle called rafflecopter, and I let the program choose.  All in all, the giveaway got an impressive amount of entries.  In total, there were 2515 raffle tickets in the digital wheel we drew from.

Also, before I get to announcing the winners, I think it would be rude to post this topic without first showing off a photo I edited in Photoshop Elements 12.

Berlin Photo

I shot this in Berlin, German just the other day.  And there is an important message that goes with this photo, and it’s a message I’ve been hoping to convey this whole Photoshop Elements tutorial series: shoot the image correctly, then edit.  So many times I hear people say things like “oh, I’ll just fix that on photoshop.”  Great photos are taken in the camera and enhanced on programs like Photoshop Elements 12.  Get your photo right in the camera by shooting at the right time of day, with the right technical settings, and a good sturdy tripod.  Though this photo has the effect of being edited quite hard, it wasn’t.  The only thing I did to this photo was add a couple layers.  The first enhanced the highlights and darkened the shadows to add some contrast.  The following was to increase the saturation slightly.  That’s it.  And well I believe that all photos should go through your editing software, if you’re working on the image for hours, you’re not shooting it right in the camera.

Oh yeah, the contest!

So, there are 3 winners of Photoshop Elements 12.
The three winners will be contacted by email by me first, then the people over at Adobe will be organizing your free product!  Congrats!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Something Extra!

I just noticed today something exciting is happening.

My facebook page is just a dozen people away from 20,000 fans. As such, once it hits 20k, I’ll be giving away some prizes to people including photo prints, amazon gift cards, and maybe some other bits and pieces!

Stay tuned, and thanks for the support.

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