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Top 100 Independent Travel Blogs and Websites: Volume 41

We’re Back… with some Changes

Fist of all, I apologize for the delay in updating this list.  I think it’s been nearly four months since I did an update.  The truth is that I’ve been insanely busy.  Between my travel magazine, Brendan’s Adventures, my new Youtube travel video channel, and the fact that I’m travelling through West Africa where access to the internet isn’t exactly on every corner, well, let’s just say keeping up has been a struggle.

Still, I know how important this list is to some of you so I’ve made sure that I set aside a couple days aside to do the update it again.  It really does take me at least a day to do the update.  Luckily this time I had some help from one of my staff members at the magazine who ran all the Alexa score for me which allowed me to focus on the list.

I’ve made some slight changes to the list but nothing major.  For next month I’m hoping to work in some sort of social media score and get rid of the Alexa score all together.

What Changes were Made?

The truth is that most of the changes won’t be seen here on the top of the list but at the bottom.

  • I decided to chop out any site with an alexa score under 1,000,000.  If your site has an alexa score worse than 1,000,000 please assume it has been cut from the math, and feel free to submit again when your blog or website surpasses that mark again.
  • Alexa Score has a slightly lower impact on the scores
  • Again, I’m hoping to phase out, or at least weaken, the alexa score in the future and possibly work in some sort of social media score.

About the Rankings

If you’re new to the rankings you can find out how I score the sites here.  And if you’re interesting in submitting your site you can check the guidelines here.
There are about 400 sites still in the math.

On to the Rankings

Below are this week’s rankings.  I have excluded where everyone was last update because of the length of time between updates.  There are a tonne of new sites on the list they have been marked with a couple **s next to their rank.
Enjoy! There are some wonderful travel sites here:
1Ytravel Blog92.4175869121
2Uncornered Market91.9063394683
3Land Lopers91.5239263804
4Nomadic Matt91.4243353783
5Everything Everywhere91.3865030675
6The Planet D91.0887525562
7Fox Nomad90.4883435583
8Wild Junket90.0973415133
9Go Nomad89.5811860941
10Bacon is Magic88.4351738241
11Wandering Earl88.3415132924
12Hecktic Travels88.1775051125
13Go Backpacking88.0752556237
14Adventurous Kate87.9950920245
15Beers and Beans87.9411042945
1620s Something Travel87.6104294479
17Trans-Americas Journey87.5501022495
18Ott’s World87.4032719836
19Velvet Escape87.1014314928
20Green Globe Travel87.0486707566
21Hole in the Donut87.0126789366
22Wandering Educators86.9946830266
23Go See Write86.8703476483
24The Travel Dudes86.6797546012
25Over Yonderlust86.5676891616
26Nomadic Samuel86.3288343558
27Almost Fearless86.2527607362
28Art of Backpacking85.9190184049
29Legal Nomads85.8257668712
30Wandering Trader85.5059304703
31Traveling Canucks85.3942740286
32Dangerous Business85.3766871166
332 Backpackers85.2339468303
34Ordinary Traveler85.0789366053
35Wild About Travel85.0298568507
36Neverending Voyage84.6650306748
37Chris Around the World84.5235173824
38My Destination84.4310838446
39Johnny Vagabond83.7889570552
40Inspiring Travelers83.4879345603
41Around the World “L”83.4830265849
42Globe Trotter Girls83.0118609407
43Four Jandals82.9505112474
44Finding the Universe82.6658486708
45Ali’s Adventures82.5447852761
46Inside the Travel Lab82.5137014315
47As We Travel82.4384458078
48Travels of Adam82.4245398773
49That Backpacker82.3149284254
50Travel with a Mate81.8290388548
52The Aussie Nomad81.7218813906
55**Sophie’s World81.318609407
56Travel O Cafe81.0429447853
57Our Oyster81.0208588957
58Just Travelous80.9848670757
60The Travel Chica80.8654396728
61**Stop Having a Boring Life80.7934560327
62Turkish Travel Blog80.6560327198
63**Champagne Living80.563599182
65A Little Adrift80.3173824131
66Indie Travel Podcast80.2642126789
67Grounded Traveler80.199795501
68No Vacation Required79.9492842536
69Don’t Ever Look Back79.9263803681
70Wanderlust and Lipstick79.8196319018
71My Beautiful Adventures79.6687116564
72Travel Wonders of the World79.500204499
75The Vacation Gals79.1582822086
76Man on the Lam79.0961145194
77Nomadic Chick79.0147239264
78Neverending Footsteps79.0069529652
79**For 91 Days78.7533742331
80The Adventures of D78.7042944785
81**Teaching Traveling!78.6421267894
82**Overlander TV78.5357873211
83Budget Travel Adventures78.3926380368
84What’s Dave Doing?78.1619631902
85Longest Way Home77.8413087935
86Ken Kaminesky77.7611451943
87**Monkeys and Mountains77.7055214724
88Travels with a Nine Year Old77.6948875256
90Off Track Planet77.5574642127
91Fevered Mutterings77.5445807771
92**Travel Sex Life77.5443762781
93Travel Yourself77.2057259714
94**Will Peach77.1329243354
95Solo Traveler Blog76.863803681
96Runaway Jane76.7476482618
97**Amateur Traveler76.736196319
98Delicious Baby76.6920245399
99Nerdy Nomad76.5758691207
100Runaway Juno76.5750511247

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