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If anywhere in Africa really “surprised” me so far it has been Mauritania. After reading countless safety warnings and government reports I would be lying if I said I didn’t enter the country with some apprehensions. However, after spending 3 weeks in the country, I can honestly say Mauritania was life changing for me. The safety warnings are well over-blown, and I have never felt more welcomed into a place in my life. The coast, although a little bit rougher, is an interesting look into this country, but if you really want a glance into its soul you have to venture into the interior. You’ll be greatly rewarded if you make the effort to dive into this dusty Saharan country; I assure you.

Mosque in the desert near Chinguetti

Backpacker’s Budget: $25-35USD
Highlights: Chinguetti, Nouakchott Fish Market, The Iron Ore Train


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