Limbe, Cameroon Travel Guide

In the heart of the English-speaking side of Cameroon, Limbe is a really cool change from parts of Central Africa you’ve likely travelled through to get there.  It’s got that laid-back feel to it that can only come with having a fair chunk of coastline and a nice stash of money from offshore oil drilling.  For me, Limbe couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  After pushing hard to get across Nigeria, Limbe offered a couple days of complete relaxation and a nice retreat from the road for a little while.  Limbe is definitely set up for tourists, although the foreign variety still only come through in a trickle.  There are quite a few things to do in town, so give yourself a couple days here.

Time Needed: 2-3 Days
Backpacker’s Budget: $40USD per day

Limbe, Cameroon

Things to Do and See in Limbe

Although it’s right on the coast, Limbe itself doesn’t have that beautiful set of beaches you might expect.  That being said, it does have a beautiful coastline and there are certainly some worthy places to put your toes in the water.  However, most of the things to do in Limbe are out of the water and around town.

  • Limbe Botanical Gardens: Actually a really nice retreat in the city.  It’s not much of a garden as it is a park, but it’s quiet and there are a few things to see inside, such as the WWII memorial.
  • Limbe Wildlife Reserve: Built by Pandrillus, the same people that run the Drill Monkey Ranch in Nigeria, this is essentially a zoo.  However, the animals kept here are done so with the intent of either captive breeding programs or returning them to the wild, eventually.  It’s a good project and worthy of your entrance fee.

Where to Eat in Limbe

There are a couple places to grab some grub in Limbe, but most people stick to the hotels.  There are a couple maquis down the beach to the south of town right on the water, but most people really do stick close to where they sleep.  The Miramar Beach Resort had some really good food and was fairly good value.  And, what it cost it more than made up for in atmosphere.  The restaurant is sandwiched between a beautiful view and a swimming pool.

Where to Stay in Limbe

For me, the best place in town to stay was the Miramar Beach Resort.  They have a pool, wifi, and a variety of rooms.  I was allowed to set up my tent right in the parking lot of the hotel which meant I only had to spend 5 dollars a night.  The location is absolutely mint with incredible views out into the sea and a perfect lookout for sunset.

Getting out of Town

For most buses, Limbe is the end of the line.  You can catch nicer buses that head direct to either Douala or Yaounde.  If you’re headed up to Buea you probably just want to try to find a shared-taxi as they leave more regularly.  There is a ferry service that runs across to Calabar, Nigeria but it was down when I was there because of pirate activity.  A week before I arrived in Calabar, the ferry was hijacked and all the belongings of the passengers were taken.  Before taking the ferry, ask around as to the situation.

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