Mamfe, Cameroon Travel Guide

If you’re coming from Nigeria into Cameroon, the sight of Mamfe is one for sore eyes.  It’s not that the town is fantastic, or will blow your mind or anything, but you’ve likely just bumped through the jungle for the past couple hours without seeing anything but a bunch of construction trucks.  For me, Mamfe looked like paradise.  Although I had fun on the road coming it, I was exhausted and headed for the first hotel I was pointed towards.  Mamfe is pleasant enough, but at the moment it’s really nothing more than a stopping point between Nigeria and destinations deeper into Cameroon.

Time Needed: 1 day
Backpacker’s Budget: $30-40 USD per day

Things to do in Mamfe

Honestly, I’m not exactly the right person to be telling you there is or isn’t things to do in Mamfe.  It definitely isn’t a tourist town, and it’s not like there are travel agents around selling things.  You’re likely just stopping in Mamfe for some supplies to continue on, or a night of sleep.  I can’t imagine there is anything beyond that to do here for tourists.  It is, however, a really pleasant city.

Where to Eat in Mamfe

There aren’t that many places to eat in Mamfe.  Aside from a couple small maquis on the main street, there isn’t a swelling of opportunities to find food.  The best place in the city to get food is at the Bata Hotel.  The grub is good and if you feel like watching terrible Nigerian soap operas, they’re usually on.
Mamfe, Cameroon

Where to Stay in Mamfe

I arrived in Mamfe exhausted, and really just wanted to crash and maybe get myself clean after riding the hard road from Nigeria.  But I had nothing sorted out or planned for my night there.  So, I got to a street corner and asked a police officer who pointed me to the Standard Hotel.  It was a really nice stay.  The rooms had hot water and the cost was $20USD per night.  Good value.  I think most of the people that overland through here stay at Bata Hotel which is also decent, although I never got a chance to look at the rooms.

Getting out of Town

There are shared taxis that run in three directions from Mamfe.  You can get to the border of Nigeria to the west, Limbe to the south (although rides are hard to find), and Douala and Yaounde are also possible.  People heading up to drive the circle route will go up via Bamenda which is easy to get to.  The road heading south to Kumba is rough.  It’s a lot of mud and where there is pavement, there are plenty of potholes.  That being said, that drive was a lot of fun for me.  After Kumba, to Buea and Limbe, the road is paved and very good.

I’m also told, though I didn’t do it, that it’s possible to go from the Nigerian border to Mamfe on a boat.  If you look at the map, the river does follow that path.  It might actually be a quicker trip as well, if it’s possible, it’d be worth the adventure.

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