Hohoe, Ghana Travel Guide

I kind of went out of my way to get up to Hohoe and though I’m glad I did, the early onset of a case of malaria I had picked up a little bit earlier made me less enthusiastic than I should have been.  Still, I really did enjoy this part of Ghana.  I was so amazed at the variety of the country, and the Volta Region again showed me another side of Ghana.  The road up to Hohoe is fairly rough.  However, it is actually a lot of fun to drive if you’re on a motorbike like I was.  Lots of twists and turns, some cool landscapes, and interesting towns made the road itself quite fun.  In Hohoe, I had little time to explore, but I did get out to Wli Falls which made the whole trip worth it.

Time Needed: 1-2 Days
Backpacker’s Budget: 40USD a day

Wli Falls, Ghana

Things to Do and See in Hohoe

Most people come up to this part of Ghana either to see the lake, visit the monkey sanctuary, or see Wli Falls.  Though you can see all three, chances are if you’re in Hohoe you’ll only be able to see the falls and the monkeys.

  • Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary: Down the highway between Hohoe and Ho, the wildlife refuge is decent, and well worth a stop.  You can stay out here too, but it’s easily done on a day trip from either Hohoe or Ho.
  • Wli Falls: This is the top attraction in the area and well worth a visit.  The trail into the falls itself is beautiful and the waterfall is actually much more impressive than I expected.  You can swim under the falls too if you’d like.

Where to Eat in Hohoe

As is the case in much of Ghana, it’s the hotels that also have the best food.  If you’re just looking for a chop bar to grab some grub, there are plenty of places on the main street.  I spent my night eating at the Grand Hotel while watching the Africa Nation’s Cup football.

Where to Sleep in Hohoe

There are a couple places along the main drag in town.  For me, the best value in the city is the Grand Hotel which has really decent rooms at a very respectable price.  Rooms come with private bathrooms, and a desk.  The room I was in had A/C but no hot water.  There were rooms available, however, that had hot water as well.

If you wanted to stay out near Wli Falls, there are a couple places out there as well, the best being the Wli Falls Lodge.

Getting out of Town

Tro-tro is likely the best way if you can bare it.  The STC buses do run from here to Yendi, and Accra.

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