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Somehow the travel world has yet to catch on to the travel gem that is the country of Guyana. Hidden away in the north-east corner of South America this country features an interesting history as well as some world-class travel destinations. For backpackers and adventure travellers Guyana should be a mecca, yet the level of visitors to the region remains a mere trickle. Naturally, the country features one of the most pristine pieces of rain forest in the world, a large chunk of the South American savannah and all the wildlife that comes with it, and one of the world’s most incredible waterfalls in Kaieteur Falls. The human history of the country too is about as rich as the nature. From still uncontacted indigenous people to descendants of slaves to settlers from the age of piracy to a huge population of cricket playing East Indians nearly all corners of the world are represented in this tiny country. Guyana can’t possible remain unvisited for much longer can it?



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