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Culturally, Suriname may be the most interesting country in all of South America. This tiny country in North-East South America somehow manages to encompass nearly every major culture group in the world. The population is made up of a mix of people of African, European, East-Indian, Asian and Indigenous decedents, and what is almost more amazing than the variety of cultural representation here is the fact that everyone seems to get along. It really is a beautiful thing seeing a Jewish synagogue and an Islamic mosque situated on the same plot of land. The diversity is even represented when ordering in a simple fast food restaurant as the staff behind the counter often speaks as many as four or five different languages. A lot has happened in Suriname since it was Dutch Guiana; today the country is a beautiful mess of culture. Although you’re not likely to find many other travellers here there is a good chance you’ll discover a reason or two why there should be tourists there.

Paramaribo, Suriname


Destination Guides

  • Paramaribo
  • Brownsberg (Coming Soon)
  • Nieuw Nickerie (Coming Soon)

Country Guides

  • General Suriname Travel Info (Coming Soon)
  • Getting a Visa for Suriname (Coming Soon)
  • Before you go you need to know… (Coming Soon)

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